IoT Home Automation App


Competitive Analysis

Kasa (By TP-Link)


  1. Their main product is their own Smart device. Like, smart bulbs, Smart Outdoor plugs.
  2. Users can create scenes and group them to switch them on/off at the same time.
  3. The Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands like, “Hey Google, turn on the lamp.”
  4. The one thing this app doesn’t support is true energy monitoring.
  5. Select a time and day of the week, and let the app know what you’d like the plug to do.
  6. There’s a timer option as well. It will count down a set number of minutes or hours to when you’d like the device to turn on or off.
  7. Even though the app supports a host of devices, it doesn’t feel cluttered or full of menus. You’ll see only the devices you’ve connected.
  8. Kasa app requires iOS 10 or above, Android 5.x or above.
  9. There is no limitation on how many devices can be added/controlled by the Kasa App.
  10. The functions will take effect even if the Smart Home device loses its internet connection.
  11. Users — 1M+ Andoird Downloads. Ratings -> 4.7 by 78K Users.



  1. They again, sell their physical “Wemo smart devices/adapters”.
  2. WeMo, similar to Kasa devices is integrated with Alexa, Siri, and Google Homes.
  3. Timer feature available.
  4. Away mode present.
  5. Users — 1M+ Android Downloads. Ratings -> 2.6 by 50K Users
  6. NO web interface available.
  7. A single Wemo App can control Wemo devices in multiple locations linked to the Wemo Account.

The conclusion from the analysis

First Time User Flow

Sitemap and Information Architecture


UI Design



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