Upstox: UX Audit

Aditya Soni
6 min readJun 9, 2021



I’ve been using Upstox actively for more than 10 months now, and my overall experience has been very seamless. However, there are some areas that I think the company can work on. So, I’ve created a list of features that I can think can cater to bringing more business to the company. So let’s get into it!

Customer Reviews

Before getting into the crux, let’s start with looking at some customer reviews.

So what we can understand from these reviews is that people are having troubles with —

  1. After doing the PIN approval on CDSL’s site, they have to come back to the main page to sell the stock. This is not very intuitive for them, cause they’ve already clicked on “sell” and proceeded to do the approval. Once the transaction is approved, they think that the stock is sold. Which is not the case. Now since we cannot remove the PIN approval on CDSL’s site, we’ll have to look for some other alternative. (Maybe making it more intuitive for them to come back to the page to sell stocks).
  2. “For viewing different watchlists, every time you need to go to the top and pull the dropdown and select”.
  3. “P&L should be more descriptive”.

Let’s solve these problems now!! 🤩

1. Moving stocks to another scrip without exiting the current one.

So currently, for adding new stock to a scrip, use has to first open the scrip to which they want to add the stock into and then add the stock into it.

This can be very distracting for a user who’s picking stocks for the week/month from a list of 100 stocks. He would have to leave that scrip open another one and add that stock into it. And repeat this process every time he finds the desired stock (If picking stocks is someone’s Ikigai, we’re basically disturbing their flow!).

So, what we can do is to create an “add to” feature which would allow the users to add a certain stock to another scrip without leaving the current scrip. What do you think about it? (Do let me know in the comments!)

Suggested Design



2. Option to see check overall % change in the portfolio

Though the option to see the overall % change in the portfolio is present in the mobile app, unfortunately, there’s no way to check the overall % change, overall day P/L (adding day P/L of all the stocks that the user holds), and current portfolio value in the web app. Which I think doesn’t do justice to the web app users.

So here I am :), with a design that I suggest can be used for solving this problem.



3. Guiding users about the process of selling a stock.

Ok, so this is something that can be very confusing for a person who’s trading stocks for the first time. First of all, let’s have a look at the current process for selling a stock —

Click the “sell” option -> Approve the transaction using the PIN generated on CDSL’s site (and if the user hasn’t created, they’ll have to first create the pin and then proceed)-> Come back to the screen and click on “sell” again. The user in this process has to click on “sell” twice, which doesn’t look like the most intuitive process to follow. The user, after approving the transaction might think that it has already taken place, which can create a lot of confusion and possible financial loss.

So, how about we inform the user about the process of selling a stock first and then let them continue?

However, not every user might be needing this guidance every time they sell a stock. So for that, we can create a “never show thing again” button.

Suggested design.



4. Adding tools to favs and showing them on the graph.

This is not a new feature that I’m suggesting to add. It used to be there in the previous version. But I think Upstox removed it for some reason. (They removed it right? Or is it hidden somewhere 👀, let me know) Anyways, the original feature was so handy to use. The user could add tools to favorites and there’d be quick access wherein users could get all the tools that they had selected and this would happen even when there were in full-screen mode. Currently, the user has to go to the Tools panel and choose the tool that he wants to use and repeat the process every time they want to change the tool. And this becomes worse when they’re using full-screen mode. First, minimize the screen, repeat the process for choosing the tool and repeat it for changing it, and then maximize the screen. Phew.

Let’s bring that feature back!



All the tools which are added to favorites are added to this quick access bar. This menu can be dragged and dropped to where the user likes on the screen.

Is there any other feature that I’d like to add?

Apart from all the features that I’ve mentioned in this article, there’s one more thing which I’d like to see in Upstox that no other company is doing as of now. I suggest we add a feature to create a group of stocks in the user’s portfolio. They’ll be able to monitor the growth of individual groups and other attributes like Day P/L, current value, and invested value of that particular group. Apart from this, I would love to know the total amount that I’ve deposited since the time I started using Upstox! What do you think about it? Do let me know in the comment section below!

That’s a wrap!

So yeah! These were some of the areas that I think Upstox can work upon. Do let me know what other features would you like to add to Upstox, in the comment section below.

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